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for you and your goals


Feeling comfortable in your own skin starts with how you feel inside

At the Studio we tailor your workouts to suit you and what makes you feel great!

Combing all the best techniques to achieve your fitness goals. 

It's about finding a nice balance in your training, whether you are a complete beginner, recovering from an injury or getting ready for an event, we will work together to find the best plan for you.

We have helped many clients build a healthy fitness plan that they continue to this day as part of their daily routine. 

Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve your mobility/balance or maybe you need an hour to relax into bespoke stretch session, our Personal Trainers will guide you through the best workout for you.

Stretching Exercises


Tell us a bit about yourself?

You can find me hanging out at The Studio, walking my dog or practicing my mobility training! My proudest achievement is travelling around the world with just a backpack, making my dream of opening a Studio space become a reality and my most recent hobby is gardening. You'll be able to tell when you walk into The Studio. I love my plants!


The ultimate workout?

I find a mixture of everything keeps my body at a peak performance level. I include weight training, stretching and high intensity intervals as part of my weekly routine. I am big on my recovery and I spend a lot of time releasing muscles and improving my range of motion. I believe the body is designed to run, lift, jump, bend and stretch. My goal for everyone who joins me at The Studio is to work through all of these essential moves so you can experience the benefits too!

What do you do at The Studio?

You'll find me in the Studio most days teaching classes, personal training and working out. I designed and created the Studio during the winter lockdown. You'll also find me behind the scenes, answering your emails and calls. I also teach one to one Personal Training, Trigger Point Pilates, and Movement & Mobility.

Fun Fact!

I also have a degree in Photography, so you may also see me walking around with my camera a lot!. 


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