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Studio: Strong

Studio: Strong is a full body group coaching session and supportive community for women who want to know how to weight train properly, reach their fitness goals, and boost their overall confidence in the gym.


Whether you’re lifting for the first time and just want to progress your knowledge of the basics, a confident weight-lifter looking for a supportive female group workout, or just someone looking to tone your muscles or lose weight in a group class setting.


We offer a great atmosphere to help women feel confident that they are weight training with excellent technique, in a way that is physically safe and will get amazing results.


Our Studio: Strong classes benefit women of any age, body type and fitness level.


Led by a female coach in a friendly environment, you’ll learn all the basic barbell lifts like squats, deadlifts and overhead presses.


This is a class for women who’ve always wanted to learn how to squat and lift heavy weights but who either don’t have access to barbells or feel intimidated or uncomfortable in commercial gym weight rooms.


You’ll be taught proper form and technique for all lifts to avoid injury. You’ll also learn how to use assorted weight-room equipment and you’ll pick up gym etiquette, which will give you the confidence to feel like an insider in any gym.


Wave goodbye to tiny pink dumbbells and pick up a barbell.

You’ll find that you’re stronger than you think.

Studio: Strong classes are held 5 times a week.


TUESDAY 9:30am 6:30pm

THURSDAY 9:30am 6:30pm

SATURDAY 10:30am

Ladies...let's get lifting!

45 minutes


The Studio Bartlow

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