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Meet Our Personal Trainer

Looking for a trainer to help you feel and look your best. Learn to lift weights, build a strong body and introduce healthy habits that last.

Jess is here to help you become the best version of yourself. She will push you to achieve that next step in your training whilst ensuring you enjoy the journey. She takes a holistic approach to training and believes in long term success rather than quick programs. She will take a look into your relationship with exercise, work/life balance and lifestyle choices to achieve a positive mind-set, to achieve your goals.

Personalised gym and home workouts
In-person coaching
Private session in contemporary gym space
Access to app to track progression & training sessions

Recovery and mobility specific sessions
Habit and nutrition goals advice

Weekly support check ins

Our Training Area

Personal Training Packages


6x 60minute sessions 

Want to learn or recap your technique for the main lifts you'll find in any gym routine? This package is designed just for that! 

In 6 sessions you'll learn the basics, practice the technique and take steps towards perfecting your squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press,  row and hip thrust. Each 60 minute session will breakdown the components you need to execute the lifts correctly. 


Don’t know where to start with weightlifting? If you are a beginner, or maybe you've taken a long period of time off the gym, it may seem like a daunting task to know how and what you need to get started. That is why we have designed this package! Try these “big six” lifts and kickstart your weight lifting journey


Why The Big Six?

These six lifts are called compound lifts. Compound lifts engage multiple muscles at one time. In a way, you’re getting more out of your workout when it comes to lifting by employing the big six. Instead of focusing on specific muscles each day, the big six lifts allows you work your entire body!


The 6 main lifts we cover within this package are super important to get right so your technique doesn't let you down as you get stronger.


After this package you can then progress to a regular (weekly, biweekly or monthly) personal training session, get guidance on a fitness routine with your goals in mind, access to an app for logging all your workouts, and most importantly, commit to healthier and fitter lifestyle. If you are interested in our studio: strong classes, this could also be a great starter package to familiarise yourself with our space, equipment and have your form checked.

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Personal Trainer, Movement & Mobility Specialist & Director of The Studio

Education: Premier Training International Level 4 Diploma - Exercise GP Referral. Level 3 Diploma - Fitness Instructing & Personal Training (Including Kettlebell coach, Circuit Training Coach, Nutrition Advisor and Working with Communities.

Professional Experience: 8 years

Specialties: General fitness building coach, beginners strength guide to lifting, women's weight lifting, kettlebells, movement & mobility, stretching, pain-free functional training, trigger point pilates, fitness instructing and personal training.

Why I Love Being a Trainer: "Besides fitness being such an exciting and ever-growing field which I discovering more about every day, it is fulfilling and gratifying to help others start their journey into fitness and to encourage them to achieve their goals. For me, personally, fitness gave me physical and mental confidence. If I can lift a heavy barbell, switch off and relax into a evening stretch & meditation routine, run down the road with a steady heart rate, balance on one leg, build a strong core through movement flows, enjoy hikes when travelling and even improve my sleep, then fitness is going to be added into my daily routine. Life is about mindset. In order for change to happen we need to mix up the norm shift the mindset to enjoy new challenges. Trust me, once you start you'll never look back! Fitness requires a lot of mental stamina & an open mind to get better and stronger. I love finding out what works for individuals, to guide them on where to start their fitness journey, and to share advice along the way! Your fitness routine is something that you should look forward too, and I helping men & women discover that."

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