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Studio: Conditioning

These workouts are uniquely designed to increase your strength, effectively burn energy, and elevate your athletic performance.


Studio: Conditioning sessions incorporate strength circuits, power and core training, as well as routines for mobility and movement.


Get ready to twist, tone, and sculpt your way to a stronger core. This class is designed to target the core and abdominals, working your middle to the max through repetition, endurance, and small-range movements to fire up that healthy burn.


It doesn't just end with the core though - expect to also work your arms and legs in the process for a full body workout! Another chance to fit in your conditioning workout!


Here you'll find a mixture of core burning sequences to powerful press up variations. This class doesn’t just build strength, it will also increase your endurance, body control, and stamina for a complete full body workout.

Studio: Conditioning classes are held three times a week.


TUESDAY 5:30pm



45 minutes


The Studio, Bartlow

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