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6x 60minute sessions 

Want to learn or recap your technique for the main lifts you'll find in any gym routine? This package is designed just for that! 

In 6 sessions you'll learn the basics, practice the technique and take steps towards perfecting your squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press,  row and hip thrust. Each 60 minute session will breakdown the components you need to execute the lifts correctly. 


Don’t know where to start with weightlifting? If you are a beginner, or maybe you've taken a long period of time off the gym, it may seem like a daunting task to know how and what you need to get started. That is why we have designed this package! Try these “big six” lifts and kickstart your weight lifting journey


Why The Big Six?

These six lifts are called compound lifts. Compound lifts engage multiple muscles at one time. In a way, you’re getting more out of your workout when it comes to lifting by employing the big six. Instead of focusing on specific muscles each day, the big six lifts allows you work your entire body!


The 6 main lifts we cover within this package are super important to get right so your technique doesn't let you down as you get stronger.


After this package you can then progress to a regular (weekly, biweekly or monthly) personal training session, get guidance on a fitness routine with your goals in mind, access to an app for logging all your workouts, and most importantly, commit to healthier and fitter lifestyle. If you are interested in our studio: strong classes, this could also be a great starter package to familiarise yourself with our space, equipment and have your form checked.


Introduction Package

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